What’s in My Disney World Park Bag: Summer Addition

What’s in My Disney World Park Bag: Summer Addition

What’s up guys!

I am so excited – my sister and I have a goal of staying at every Disney Resort together and later this month (June 2024) we will be staying at Coronado Springs! I finally caved and got a Loungefly backpack. Last year, I brought a fanny pack because I wanted to bring something small but reflecting on my last trip I needed just a liiiiiittle more room for my things. I ended up finding this super fun Hercules Muses one on Amazon for like $40 bucks. My little sister rocked this Monster’s Inc. Mike Wazowski one last year, which I thought was so fun being there for the Halloween vibes.

How cute is this?!?!?!

I did not order some of my shirts early enough to get here in time for my trip last fall, so I did not want the same thing to happen with my bag essentials. I made sure to order everything with plenty of time in advance. June is HOT, so we wanted to be prepared for the Orlando weather.

Here is everything I am stuffing into my bag for the parks for our June trip – please keep in mind I am going without kids, so if you are taking littles your bag will probably have lots of extras and different needs!

  1. Sunglasses & Sunscreen
    This should be a no brainer, with Orlando creeping up into the 90s in June I am making sure I don’t fry so my skin can stay happy all week. It’s also easier to smile in photos with glasses on so you’re not squinting if it’s a sunny day.
  2. Hat & Chapstick
    Same feeling as the above, I want to keep my head protected and make sure my lips don’t dry out. Hats are great to hold your hair back on some of the faster rides, and keep the sun out of your eyes.
  3. Shoe Covers & Ponchos
    We ended up getting rained on last year in MK, and thank goodness the gift shop of Pirate’s of the Carribean was selling ponchos! Our shoes got soaked and the ponchos were expensive, so we are coming in prepared this time. I ordered these shoe covers and these Mickey ponchos to keep up the spirit!
  4. Collapsible Water Bottle
    I personally am not one to want to waste precious Disney money on buying plastic water bottles. I am all for staying hydrated, and these cute reusable collapsible water bottles are perfect! You can even hook them to the strap of your back pack so they don’t take up room inside your bag.
  5. Kindle/Book
    Listen, lines can get LONG! I am on vacation after all, so I am bringing a Kindle to read a few books while I wait in line. Small books, pocket puzzles, little trivia games – you name it! Be proactive on how to make the lines more enjoyable.
  6. Portable Charger
    This one is able to charge my phone and my kindle – the best! I have this one in pink and I think it’s so cute.
  7. Trading Pins
    I had them hanging around my neck on a lanyard last year, and it was just a pain to take off an on every ride. I definitely want my pins with me for trading, but I will keep them in my backpack this time.
  8. Cash, ID, Card
    You can buy booze in every park (MK full service sit-down restaurants only)
  9. Protein Bars/Snacks
    I usually only like to sit down for one meal at the parks (I like to keep it moving as much as I can!) so having a few protein bars or nuts can really help save time and money.

Those are the MUST haves for me in my Disney World Park Bag. If you are traveling with a buddy and they have room to spare, check out some of my honorable mentions below that would be an excellent idea to throw in:

Honorable Mentions:
-Extra pair of socks (for water rides or potential rain)
-Anti-chafing stick
-Hair ties – there is nothing worse than a thrill ride with hair whipping around you and you can’t see what’s going on!!
Small backpack insert – I am so excited to use these to organize my Loungefly! I like the extra zipper so I can feel safer about where my card & ID are.
Hand held fans – this is great because my portable charger also works on this!

Anything I missed? What are your must haves?

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