Type A’s Guide to Conquering Sunday Scaries

Sunday scaries suck. We obviously want the whole day to get brunch with friends, binge watch a show or just do absolutely nothing at all. Check my weekly schedule of how I conquer my Sunday scaries!

Rise n’ Shine

First things first. Ditch the alarm. You have a whole day of do doing things you need to do. Start by doing something you want to do (sleep, snuggles)!

You’re now awake. Congrats. Time for something that sparks your interest. Have you DVR’d something you’ve wanted to watch? Is there a podcast you’d like to listen to? Music that puts you in a wonderful mood? Put it on, make a cup of coffee, and let’s get jiggy.

  1. Get Laundry Going Run around the house and do a quick once-over. What can I throw in the wash to get things started? Not much is better than starting your week with clean sheets, so strip your bed and throw those in there. Any dish towels? You get the idea.

  2. Hello Fridge Get a quick inventory of your food situation. Are you someone that brings their lunch everyday? Write down essentials you’re running low on that you know will be a bother to grab during the work week. Personally this is when I meal prep and whip out the Crock Pot. Today I threw in a chopped up onion, carrots, celery and chicken breasts on low for quick easy Tupperware lunches and will forget about it for the next 8 hours while I kick ass for the day. It’s magic.

  3. While You’re Already in the Kitchen… Just do it. Put away dishes, load up the dishwasher, sweep the floor, take out trash. You are a cleaning goddess. Look at your beautiful kitchen. No one can stop you. You already lit your candle before you got started and it just smells so nice in here. I want to hang out in your kitchen.

  4. Nitty Gritty 15 minutes TOPS I promise and it’s all over. Grab your handy bleach bottle and go to town in the bathrooms. You are already blinded by how shiny and new your appliances look.

  5. The Title Said ‘Type A’ Okay I’m an animal and actually get enjoyment out of this part. I plan out all my work outfits for the week on Sunday and hang them up on my closet hooks. How EASY does this make the mornings? I even plan a few with pants in case I just do not feel like shaving my legs after a few days. My future self is thanking me already. Call me crazy, but I also plan out my Monday-Friday workout outfits. It’s like when you’re underwear actually matches – when your workout outfit looks cute things are just going to be better.

  6. SWEAT IT OUT SISTER Yoga, spin, lift something heavy and put it back down. Maybe today is gorgeous and a walk outside is just what the doctor ordered. Weekends are no excuse to blow your progress and fitness goals that you’ve worked so hard on during the week! When you’re coming back from the gym, stop at the grocery store and pick up your list needs from #2!

  7. What Makes You Feel Like a Queen? Time to relax you beautiful creature! Here is where we recharge. I teach a lot of 5/530am spin classes so a spray tan makes me feel put together. Maybe for you it’s a bubble bath, getting nails done, working on a hobby, call your mom, grab a bite with a friend, binge watching Bar Rescue, face mask, date night with your S/O, curling up with a book or a good old fashioned NAP!

  8. Grand Finale Of course your Crock Pot dinner is now complete, or you’ve whipped up something healthy that you can bring the rest to work with you tomorrow, and you’ve got 5 outfits to pick from in the morning. I make sure I’ve put out everything I can for breakfast waiting to greet me bright eyed and bushy tailed. You’ve got clean sheets waiting for you, time to go snuggle up!

These are what works best for me – what works for you?!

xxo Nicole