Dream Bridal Shower Theme – She Got Scooped!

Hey fellow future brides!

This March, I was lucky enough to have my favorite ladies to come out and celebrate my now COVID postponed wedding with me at my shower. My MOH came up with the theme “She Got Scooped” and handled most all of the décor. Little background – we’ve been friends for 15 years so she obviously knew a dessert themed shower was the way to go.

Special shoutout to my poor mother for spending hours setting up the incredible balloon string.

If you have not been graced by the presence of a Nothing Bundt Cake before then please go change your plans for Friday night. This funfetti flavor below was an absolute hit!

I found my dress on Lulu’s. This dress made me feel like bridal badass! I was able to find so many options for bachelorette party looks here too.

Opening up presents were actually hilarious. My fiancé had decided to make an Amazon registry and not tell me what was on it???? I finally figured this out when I opened up a fire engine red Dutch oven when we do not have a single red appliance or themed anything in our home. After doing a bit of research I found out he also put headphones for himself, a set of pot and pans we already owed and neon colored luggage on the registry. I guess he thought this was equivalent to a Christmas list. What the heck?

As for the cutest favors of all time, my maid of honor thought of the perfect take-home gift for everyone. “Create your own sundaes” with FLOWERS! We had the sunroom filled with buckets of flowers from Trader Joe’s that all guests could create their own unique bouquets. It was gorgeous and cheerful and everyone got to take home something beautiful to brighten up their homes. We had the super cheery backdrop for the DIY photobooth below.

I was so lucky to spend the day with my ladies, and I could not have adored the theme any more than I did. To all my fellow bride-to-bes, I wish you such a wonderful engagement season!



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  • Genie

    I love the ice cream theme! My daughter has her own ice cream company and this would be perfect,
    How did the make your own Bouquet turn out? Was it a hit?

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