Creative Spin Class Theme Rides

Creative Spin Class Theme Rides

Because we all need some creative spin class theme ideas thrown into the mix!

Doesn’t matter if it’s your 1st month or 100th month teaching a cycle class, it’s always fun to throw in a theme. Theme rides are a great way to break out of a rut if you’re struggling to find music, create new energy in your classroom, or an opportunity to get clients from other slots to come check you out! Check out my list below of some of the endless creative spin class theme ride ideas to throw in into your next month of planning. I’m on my fifth year of teaching spin classes and I’m always on the hunt for ways to shake it up.

**You’ll want to make sure you keep in mind the time of day when planning your theme rides – explicit Cardi B vs Megan Thee Stallion may not work out on a Monday at 6am…

Versus Themes:

Gaga vs Madonna

Britney vs Justin

80s vs 90s

Battle Royale! Queen vs Prince

Justin vs Selena

Little John vs Elton John

Grease vs Saturday Night Fever

FloRida vs Pitbull

Timberlake vs Timberland

JLo vs Shakira

Miley Cyrus vs Demi Lovato

Panic! at the Disco vs Fall Out Boy

Michael Jackson vs Bruno Mars

Sean Paul vs Sean Kingston

Ariana Grande vs Doja Cat

Destiny’s Child vs Pussycat Dolls

1D vs Harry Styles

Boy Bands vs Girl Bands

Bieber vs JT

Britney vs Christina

Party Themes:

Break Up & Make Up

Classic Rock

Latin Hits

Jock Jams

Glow Ride

Pop Goes Punk

It’s Britney B*tch

Karaoke Classics

Totally Tubular (80s)

Throw Back Thursday

Ladies of the 80s

EDM Ride

British Invasion

Mama Mia Here We Go Again

One Hit Wonders

Teenage Heartthrobs

Battle of the DJs

80’s Hair Metal

Disney Ride

Queen B (Beyonce)

Pitch Perfect Ride

Hamilton Ride

Explicit Themes:

Booty Call

Women of Hip Hop

Eminem vs 50 Cent


Big Booty Ride

Nicki vs Drake

Thirsty Thursday

90’s Hip Hop

Wake & Drake

Rise & Rihanna

Lil Wayne


Cardi B vs Nicki Minaj

Birthday / Month Themes:

1.15 HBD Pitbull

2.14 Valentine’s Day Ride

2.20 HBD Rihanna

3.1 HBD Justin Bieber

3.8 International Woman’s Day

3.17 St. Patrick’s Day Party

3.28 HBD Lady Gaga

5.1 HBD Chris Brown

5.5 Cycle De Mayo

Summer Solstice

6.28 pRIDE

Country Summer Nights

8.29 HBD Michael Jackson

9.16 HBD Flo Rida

10.31 Halloween Spooktacular

12.2 HBD Britney Spears

Twerk the Night Before Christmas

Any that I’ve missed that you’ve had a killer class to? Drop me a line, I’d love to hear yours!

What creative spin class themes have you been using lately?

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